Functional Fuel for Advanced Vehicle Technology

Posted: 10/27/16

Global economies are currently in the midst of a rapid evolution in the transportation sector. Efforts to improve efficiency and fuel economy while reducing emissions will be the dominant forces driving changes in future engine and fuel technologies. 

The development of effective fuel additive technology will be a key factor in enabling continued advancements in engine and fuel performance. 

Afton Chemical presented on this topic at Simpósio Internacional de Engenharia Automotiva (SIMEA) 2016 in Sao Pablo, Brazil, an annual event that has been hosted by the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering for over 30 years. Titled ‘Functional Fuel for Advanced Vehicle Technology’, the presentation delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by changing engine designs and discussed how fuel additives are enabling evolutions in fuel and vehicle technology.

Click here to view the full presentation.
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