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Not so long ago the automotive world, especially China, looked to be on a headlong charge towards all-electric drive. With battery capabilities and charging infrastructure still limited, the pendulum is swinging back towards hybrid solutions – bringing with it greater investment in dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHTs). DHTs demand much of the transmission fluid, while also placing constraints upon the chemistries used. Learnings from dedicated Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) lubricant additives are proving valuable in creating new DHT additives.
This article analyses that as hybrid solutions rise in popularity, learnings from dedicated BEV lubricant additives are proving valuable in creating new DHT additives. Applying the learning from electronics-compatible BEV additive chemistries that don’t compromise on wear protection or friction characteristics can help unlock the full potential of diverse new DHT designs with sufficient performance reserve to remain relevant as the industry races ahead.
Featured in the July 2021 addition of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International Magazine.

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