Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

As a partner of Afton Chemical, you’ll benefit from our commitment to providing regulatory affairs guidance and support for both new and existing chemical projects.  At each level of our organization, our employees are trained and committed to meeting all regulatory requirements associated with their particular job functions. Afton also works closely with government agencies and industry groups in support of safety and regulatory compliance programs. 

Ways We Help Our Customers

  • Monitoring global regulatory developments and communicating relevant activities 
  • Partnering in the development of new chemical substances and technologies 
  • Minimizing time to market 
  • Minimizing development and manufacturing cost 
  • Providing advanced screening for potential risk 
  • Maximizing the prospects for timely governmental review and approval

Internal Activities

  • Auditing for regulatory compliance in R&D and plant operations 
  • Submitting new chemical notifications and product registrations 
  • Responding to and submitting existing chemicals information 
  • Nominating substances to developing new country inventories 
  • Providing acquisition due diligence and acclimation into Afton's regulatory system 
  • Interpreting chemical control regulations, and accessing areas of concern or interest

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