The Best Just Got Even Better—Afton Liquid OCP VM Products Now Made in Asia 

Afton Chemical’s liquid Olefin Copolymer Viscosity Modifier (OCP VM) products, HiTEC® 5754S and HiTEC® 5748, come highly recommended for use in industrial, gasoline and diesel crankcase lubricants. As part of our Made in Asia strategy, Afton now produces these two liquid OCP VM products in Singapore, delivering immediate benefits straight to our customers. 

Click here to contact an Afton representative for more detail about HiTEC® 5754S and HiTEC® 5748.

Singapore Savings  

Afton constantly looks at ways to provide superior solutions for our customers. Afton’s Singapore production has dramatically reduced lead times—by up to 70-90% depending on the location—leading to potential working capital savings for customers. 

In addition to shorter supply lead time, producing our liquid OCP VM products in Singapore provides:  

•    Improved security of supply
•    Better business continuity planning
•    Logistical cost savings 
•    Local access to key raw materials

For more information about HiTEC® 5754S and HiTEC® 5748contact your Afton representative

HiTEC® is a registered trademark of Afton Chemical Corporation
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