Introducing GF-6

GF-6 is the newest International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) engine oil performance standard aimed at improved fuel economy and enhanced engine capabilities for passenger cars. ILSAC proposed the new GF-6 specifications in June 2018, with an estimated first licensing mid-2020. 

What’s New

GF-6 will provide LSPI and timing chain wear protection while improving piston cleanliness and fuel economy. GF-6 will introduce lower viscosity grades, similar to past new categories. In particular, SAE 0W-16 will have its own specification and will help increase efficiency and fuel economy in modern engines, helping OEMs to meet more stringent emissions regulations. Check out the chart below for a more detailed breakdown of how GF-6 performance demands will evolve from the GF-5 specification. 

GF-6 Testing Summary

Sequence testing required for GF-6 specifications are featured in the table below. Six new engines tests were developed for GF-6—an unprecedented number.


Sequence IIIH Oxidation and Deposit Control
Sequence IVB  Valvetrain Wear
Sequence VH Sludge and Deposit Control
Sequence VIE Fuel Economy
Sequence VIF Fuel Economy (SAE 0W-16 oils)
Sequence IX Low Speed Pre-Ignition
Sequence X Timing Chain Wear

The Sequence VIII, bearing wear and shear stability, is the only engine test that will carry over from the GF-5 category into GF-6.  The new tests will dictate component additive selection and require a new fundamental formulation understanding to meet the requirements. That’s where Afton comes in. 

The Afton Difference 

Ahead of the GF-6 specification, Afton has been consistently working to address the unique performance needs of the modern engine. Afton has been leveraging in-house and external lab testing capabilities to provide solutions that will meet the GF-6 standards and continue to deliver superior performance.

Breaking News: GF-6 is here. First licensing begins May 2020.

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