Environment, Health, Safety,
Security and Stewardship (EHS3)

Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Stewardship (EHS3)

Over its entire history, Afton Chemical has shown a company-wide commitment to environmental protection, health, safety, security and stewardship (EHS3). 

Today, that commitment is focused by an EHS3 management system and our ongoing initiative to improve performance. Our company-wide vision is simple: we have a “Vision of Zero” no injuries, accidents, incidents or harm to the environment. 

To guide us toward that goal, our management system helps us to:

  • Meet legal requirements in all EHS3 areas 
  • Meet our own targets and goals 
  • Address interested parties’ concerns
  • Continually improve our EHS3 system capability and performance

Afton’s executives and employees realize that we’re members of the communities we operate in.  We work with advisory panels and other public forums, and communicate with our neighbors and other interested stakeholders about our operations and progress in the areas of EHS3.

Afton Chemical voluntarily reports a set of uniform, industry-wide metrics that measure individual company and industry performance.  These metrics help us to identify areas for continuous performance improvement, and provide a means for us to communicate to the public about our EHS3 performance in issues such as environment, health, safety,  security, product risk and economics.

Our Chemical Management System

Our chemical management system gives us a structure to effectively carry out specific activities regarding environment, health, safety, security, transport safety, product stewardship, outreach and emergency response.

Key components of this system include: 

  • Policy, planning and goal setting 
  • Definition of responsibilities 
  • Measurement 
  • Corrective action 
  • Continuous improvement

Our company-wide work under this system is regularly audited and certified to industry standards.

Product Stewardship

Afton is fully engaged with the definition of Product Stewardship as the “responsible and ethical management of chemicals throughout their life cycle.”

Our Global Business Directors are ultimately accountable for the safe development, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of Afton petroleum additives. 

On a worldwide basis, Afton divides its petroleum additives business into two distinct segments: Fuel Additives and Lubricant Additives. In addition, in most cases, the product manager acts as the Product Steward. 

Afton primarily communicates the hazards of its products to its customers by its Safety Data Sheets and its Hazard Communication Labels. These documents and labels are produced by carefully evaluating the hazards of the raw materials which constitute the products as well as a separate evaluation of the hazards of the products themselves.  

We support the principles of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and have written GHS documentation to meet the regulatory timescales of various countries who are implementing GHS.

Further information and Product Stewardship Summaries for high-priority products are available upon request by contacting Afton’s EHS3 Product Stewardship Group (804) 788-5800.

View all Afton Chemical Product Stewardship Summaries here.


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