Business Continuity Planning and Security of Supply

Afton Chemical is the industry leader in Business Continuity Planning. Security of Supply and Business Continuity Planning is a process embedded into Afton's culture and focuses on managing risks and mitigating the impact of supply disruptions. Strong security of supply starts at the initial development process of every new product we launch.  In addition, Afton performs raw material and service provider assessments to evaluate the quality and robustness of their supply chains and business continuity planning processes.  Afton conducts a proactive preventative maintenance program at our manufacturing plants and our strong inventory management systems insures that our plants operate on schedule and Afton maintains supply to our customers. 

Through continually developing and maintaining relationships with raw material suppliers, logistics providers, and toll manufacturers, we are better able to insure a smooth flow of products to our customers.

These relationships, along with our focus on quality, R&D, inventory planning, manufacturing flexibility and site security – to name a few – allow our customers to enjoy a peace of mind that only comes with a secure and reliable solutions provider.

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