Meet Afton Chemical at the 2019 NLGI Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV USA

We are excited to announce that Afton Chemical will be a Platinum Sponsor for the upcoming NLGI 2019 Annual Meeting at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, on June 8th-11th.

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Afton’s Technical Session at NLGI

Monday, June 10th

3:15 – 3:45pm

Back to the Basics: The ABC's of Grease Additive Performance

Research in the arena of grease chemistry can reach from the mundane to the esoteric but sometimes it’s good to step back and examine the basic assumptions and “common wisdom” upon which those studies are often based.  This paper will examine in more depth some of the foundational aspects of grease performance using test data to support or refute the commonly held “facts” of grease additives.

The main focus will be on the role of additives in providing the essential performance characteristics typically required by bearing greases and other fully formulated lubricating greases.  These focal areas will include:
  • Comparison of primary and secondary ZDDPs
  • Sulfur and EP performance
  • AO combinations and high temperature performance
  • Additive package response
Presented by NLGI President, Joe Kaperick.

Joe Kaperick is a Senior R&D Advisor for Greases at Afton Chemical Corporation. Joe began working for Afton in their St. Louis manufacturing facility as an Analytical Chemist in 1991 and moved to their Richmond, Virginia headquarters in 1994. Joe received a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry from St. Louis University as well as undergraduate degrees in Chemistry, Fine Arts and Classical Humanities. He has been in the Industrial R&D area with a primary focus on Grease since 1999.

Joe is currently serving as President of NLGI, and has been recognized as a Certified Lubricating Grease Specialist by NLGI. He is also a member of STLE, the chair of the joint NLGI/ELGI Working Group on Grease Particle Evaluation, and the Chair of Section G.01 Chemical and Laboratory Tests for ASTM.

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Afton grease additives can help improve performance and simplify formulations in industrial, automotive and commercial applications.
To learn more, contact an Afton representative

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