Afton Chemical

Afton Chemical Corporation is part of the NewMarket Corporation (NYSE: NEU) family of companies, and has been working in the fuel and lubricant additives marketplace for over 90 years.

Our range of technology solutions includes Driveline, Engine Oils, Performance and Refinery Fuels, and Industrial additives.

We use our formulation, engineering and marketing expertise to help our customers develop and market fuels and lubricants that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, extend equipment life, improve operator satisfaction and lower the total cost of vehicle and equipment operation.

We are focused on developing our technology and meeting specifications, but also on providing the differentiation our customers need to stand out.

Driven by our Passion for Solutions®

The values upon which Afton is founded form our Passion for Solutions® philosophy, and are symbolized by three corners of our triangle. The triangle represents the way we do business. It emphasizes that it is the inspiring and enthusiastic people which – when combined with expert and innovative chemistry – deliver effective solutions for our customers, helping them achieve their business goals.

We support our global operations through regional headquarters located in Asia Pacific, EMEAI, Latin America and North America.

Afton Chemical Corporation is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, USA.


As a company, Afton is continually looking to the future.  But the values that we hold closely – and which contribute greatly to our success – are as simple and timeless as they are important.  And while some companies train their people to work this way, we simply hire people who already live their lives by these values. 

  • Open
    Respect for People
  • Open
    Unquestionable Integrity
  • Open
    Continually Improving Quality
  • Open
    Our Partners - Customers and Suppliers
  • Open
    Safety and Environmental Responsibility
  • Open
    Good Citizenship
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    Economic Viability

Code of Conduct

As a wholly owned subsidiary of NewMarket Corporation, Afton Chemical follows NewMarket’s long established standards of conducting business with ethical practices outlined in the NewMarket Code of Conduct

Everyone we deal with—employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities—has a right to feel confident that Afton Chemical and its people act with honesty, integrity, and fairness. 

We expect our employees to always conduct Afton Chemical business in accordance with our policies and practices as well as our values. The NewMarket Code of Conduct, comprises all of these policies and more. 

It provides a clear statement of our expectations for how we as a company and as individuals will conduct business. Today, we reaffirm our collective commitment to a common set of beliefs and our intent to act with the utmost professionalism and integrity. 

Afton Chemical has built its reputation over 90 years, and it is one of our most important assets. Our employees are known for their high ethical standards and integrity. 

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