North America

If you have a chemical emergency related to an Afton product, please Click Here.


Corporate Headquarters
Afton Chemical Corporation
500 Spring Street
Richmond, VA 23219

T: +1 804 788-5800

Serving the following countries:


Afton Chemical Canada Corporation
5045 South Service Road, Suite 101
Burlington, Ontario L7L 5Y7

T: +1 905 631-5470

Serving the following countries:

Emergency Response

Afton Chemical Corporation's emergency response telephone numbers are:

+1 (800) 424-9300 U.S. and Canada

+1 (703) 527-3887 Outside of the U.S. and Canada

These CHEMTREC numbers are displayed on Afton’s SDS’s, product labels and shipping documents as well as most U.S. bulk shipping containers.

Afton has a Global Contract with CHEMTREC and CHEMTREC has direct access to all of Afton’s SDS’s. Upon receiving a call involving a chemical emergency related to an Afton product, CHEMTREC will immediately contact one of Afton’s Emergency Response Coordinators. Afton’s Chemical Emergency Responders are on call 24-7 to respond to any chemical emergency.

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