We are excited to announce that Afton Chemical will be a platinum sponsor for the upcoming SAE 2017 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting in Beijing, China, from October 16th -19th.

Afton Chemical will be presenting the following papers at the event:

  • Development of Lubricant and Fuel Additives
  • Effect of Lubricant Properties on GPF performance
  • Catalyzed Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) Performance: Effect of Driving Cycle, Fuel, Catalyst Coating
  • Engine Oil Components Effects on Turbocharger Protection and the Relevance of the TEOST 33C Test for Gasoline Turbocharger Deposit Protection
  • Impact of particle characteristics and engine conditions on deposit induced pre-ignition and super-knock in turbocharged gasoline engines
  • Effect of Metallurgy on the Formation of Tribofilms and Wear Prevention
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Fuel Economy
  • A General Method for Fouling Injectors in Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicles and the Effects of Deposits on Vehicle Performance
  • Effects of Aromatic and Olefin on the Formations of PAHs in GDI Engine
In addition to our various paper presentations, we’ll also be hosting a Networking Reception at the China National Convention Centre on Wednesday, October 18th, from 6:30-8:30pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers, industry innovators and subject matter experts.

To learn more, contact your Afton representative.
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