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Industrial Additives 
Industrial Additives

Afton’s global coverage allows us to maintain close contact with all of our customers, OEM partners and industry groups.  This helps us develop tailored industrial additives for our customers while maintaining a high level of  sensitivity to global issues within the industry.

By collaborating with our customers and applying our skills and experience together, we are able to revolutionize conventional  thinking, allowing us to produce innovative industrial additives that help our customers meet their profitability objectives.

Our leading-edge technology, and alternative solutions, help our customers stay at the forefront of their industry sectors.


Our fresh approach to performance levels for micropitting and varnish control are perfect examples.

By working with our customers in this open, flexible and less-bureaucratic manner, we get to know one another’s businesses. 

With our shared experience, knowledge and contacts, we add real value, and provide unique, groundbreaking solutions across the entire spectrum of our product portfolio.


New Developments

  • Afton MICROBOTZ™ - Afton's Heroes of Protection and Performance Learn More >> 
  • Next generation of zinc-free AWHO additive technology for improved equipment durability
  • New slideway additive technology addressing the most recent needs of contemporary metalworking fluids and slideway friction materials
  • Additive technology for the next generation of industrial gearboxes
  • Innovative turbine oil additive technology to reduce sludge and varnish in modern heavy duty gas turbines
  • New turbine oil additives that provide extended  durability of water shedding properties to extend lubricant life and protect critical turbine components
  • Specialty, custom grease packages offering logistics and manufacturing simplicity
  • Developing metalworking additives to improve emulsion stability, extend cutting tool life and reduce fluid disposal cost
  • Developing additives for high performance alloys being produced for aerospace and automotive manufacturing
  • R&D programs to develop an alternative technology designed to reduce or eliminate the dependence on boron, chlorine, phosphorous and secondary amines
  • Superior additive technology developed from renewable raw materials