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Metalworking Fluid Components

Manufacturing processes, tooling and methods are evolving rapidly.  What’s more, modern engineering requires complex light alloys, heat- and corrosion-resistant super alloys, polymers and composites. To meet the requirements of these processes and materials, you need metalworking fluids with superior lubricating, cooling and protection characteristics.

We understand your needs can change. To make sure you have the best solutions when the time to innovate comes, our industrial R&D teams are constantly developing new chemistry, using innovation to help you produce high-performance fluids for removing, forming, protecting and treating metal.

In 2010, we acquired Polartech and further strengthened our position as a leader in metalworking additives. Our combined expertise in R&D, manufacturing and global logistics gives you a line of metalworking products that leads the way in cost savings, performance and compliance – giving metalworking fluid manufacturers and blenders solutions to their technology, innovation and simplification needs.

Technology and Innovation. We tailor metalworking solutions to meet your application needs by combining our state-of-the-art R&D facilities around the world with our unique collaborative development process.

Simplification. Experience a simpler blending and inventory process through fluid solutions that give you the ability to build efficiencies and profitability while reducing inventories.    

Manufacturing and Logistics. You can count on a smooth flow of products because of our strategic investments in manufacturing hubs around the world, and our close working relationships with raw materials suppliers.


Metalworking Solutions

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