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Afton Chemical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gasoline performance additives. We recognize the need to understand the changing environment of regulations, fuel specifications, alternate fuels and new engine technology and how these changes affect your products and your customers’ experience.

We work closely with OEMs in Detroit, Japan and Germany, and get valuable feedback in vehicle selection and test design of new vehicle and engine technology, including: DIG engines, E85 vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, HSDI diesel vehicles and Emission controls.

Our patented Mannich detergent chemistry provides the backbone of our products. Our fully scalable solutions can meet the entire range of your cleanliness challenges – from meeting regulatory requirements to supporting performance claims in the latest fuels and engines in your markets.

Friction modification is an essential route to fuel economy and power restoration and that is why our R&D team are committed to developing the best solutions in this area. Our combined detergent and friction modification packages are the supreme gasoline performance solution.

 Why Afton?  

Demonstrated technology leader, with over 10 years experience working with OEMs, FIMs and oil companies

Unrivaled real world test capabilities to support fuel marketing with our unique three-step process:  screening through industry tests (PFI and IVD), internal testing for performance qualification, and external testing for independent demonstration

Our gasoline performance additives have been tested in over 3.4 trillion driving miles with zero reported field issues

Marketing assistance, claim support and demonstrated product performance to give you a complete solution that supports your market position

Formulation expertise and access to a broad portfolio of components,  including detergent, friction modification and de-icer to build the package you need

Solid supply chain and inventory process for consistent, worry free delivery

 Product Spotlights 

HiTEC 6590 Fully Synthetic Gasoline Performance AdditiveHiTEC 6590 Fully Synthetic Gasoline Performance Additive Product Data Sheet
Formulated for all gasoline engine platforms including DIG and conventional PFI intake systems; meets US EPA and Top Tier requirements; attractive treat rates; proven performance in both gasoline and ethanol fuels

HiTEC 6470 Gasoline Performance AdditiveHiTEC 6470 Gasoline Performance Additive Product Data Sheet
Developed for EN228 gasoline; and excellent M102E (CEC F-05-A-93) performance in DIG engines

Aftermarket Gasoline Additives
Full line of aftermarket solutions for complete fuel system cleaners, injector cleaners, octane boosters, corrosion inhibitors and friction modifiers


Product Spotlights are a preview of our technologies –

Contact us to learn more about our full solutions offering.


HiTEC 6560 Fully Synthetic Gasoline Performance Additive Product Data Sheet: Product Data Sheet (English Only)

HiTEC® is a Registered Trademark of Afton Chemical Corporation