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Driveline Additives 
Driveline Additives

Our driveline additives are developed for step-type automatic (ATF)continuously variable (CVT), and dual clutch (DCT) transmission types, and are also used in a variety of automotive gear and off-road applications.

Put our expertise to work meeting your transmission fluid needs with the latest technology, or finding the most cost-effective DEXRON®-VI, MERCON® V and JASO products. 

When you do, you’ll be using technologies recognized by world-class companies like GM, Ford, Daimler, VW, Porsche, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Allison.

Driveline Additives 

Our family of driveline additives also includes gear oil additives designed to optimize performance in both rear-axle and manual transmissions.  They’re formulated to meet specific needs for quality, performance, marketable claims, base stock compatibility, environmental responsibility, and cost efficiency.
If your requirements include additives for off-road vehicles, we are ready to serve you there, too.  We offer our customers universal STOU additives and transmission specific (UTTO / TO-4) additives for agricultural tractors, and high-performance additives for construction and mining vehicles. 
In working with OEMs from Mack to Ford to Daimler to Volvo, we’ve accumulated unparalleled industry knowledge and technological capability. We put this experience to use helping suppliers meet today’s OEM requirements for extended drain, fuel economy, and temperature stability.  With these OEM relationships and our billions of miles of driveline expertise, Afton Chemical is ready to meet any engineering, economic, or market demand – now and in the future.

New Developments

Afton Chemical has an extensive program of new product development in driveline technology. Current initiatives include:

  • New HiTEC 349 Manual Transmission Fluid Additive is the only vehicle SF MTF designed to be compatible with all synchronizer materials, with ZF and MAN approvals
  • New DCT fluids with the friction performance of ATFs and the improved wear durability of an MTF
  • New rear-axle additive technology offering improved fuel economy and extended drain intervals
  • New manual transmission technology which gives extended drain with improved oxidation and wear performance
  • Next generation ATF technology with improved friction durability, fuel economy and torque capacity
  • New CVT fluids with improved friction stability and fill-for-life qualities
  • Additive Technology for the next generation of off-road machinery