Enhanced protection, antiwear qualities & improved performance under nearly any conditions
Afton offers a total lubricant portfolio to meet specific needs, and improve lubricant performance.

In addition to providing fully developed additive packages, Afton Chemical is a leading supplier of lubricant components.

Whether you need enhanced protection, or improved performance in a wide range of application conditions, Afton has a total lubricant portfolio to meet your needs.

Afton works with you to ensure your lubricants have optimal chemical balances for increased protection, marketable claims and competitive product positioning, plus the full benefit of over 90 years of Afton research and expertise.

Lubricant Components Solutions

Couplers are used in water-based lubricants to help stabilize emulsions. Afton’s coupler additives are specially designed to give the formulator improved control in achieving concentrate and emulsion stability.
Detergents and Corrosion Inhibitors
Afton detergents and corrosion inhibitors help primarily control rust, corrosion and resinous build-up in engines. Afton corrosion inhibitors protect the metal surface against corrosion in a variety of lubricant applications.
Dispersants and Emulsifiers
Dispersants are lubricant additives that help prevent sludge, varnish and other deposits from forming on critical surfaces. Emulsifiers enable two immiscible fluids to form a mixture called an emulsion. Afton dispersants help prevent deposit build-up on critical metal surfaces. Afton emulsifiers help facilitate a thorough and stable mixture of oil and water.
Extreme Pressure Agents and Anti-wear Agents
Afton’s extreme pressure additives and anti-wear additives help protect metal surfaces exposed to a variety of load conditions.
Foam Inhibitors
Foam inhibitors are essential in instances where foam can lead to oil spillage, inefficient control response and other problems. Afton's foam inhibitors improve lubrication and reduce maintenance by altering the lubricant’s surface tension, structurally weakening and breaking air bubbles.
Friction Modifiers
Friction modifier additives affect the frictional properties between two rubbing surfaces. Afton friction modifier additives can prevent scoring and reduce wear and noise between rubbing surfaces, and can prevent micropitting in gear lubricants.
Pour Point Depressants
Afton pour point depressants can help a wide range of base oils function at lower temperatures while retaining viscosity benefits at higher temperatures.
Seal Swell Additives
Afton’s seal swell additives help maintain the integrity of certain elastomeric materials used as seals. This prevents elastomer shrinkage, brittleness and deterioration during service.
Tackiness Additives
Afton’s tackiness additives are a combination of high molecular weight polymers in selected mineral oils. By contributing significantly to lubricant retention, film thickness and surface adhesion, these additives help ensure hydrodynamic lubrication over a wide range of conditions. They also add an element of corrosion protection.
Thickeners and Viscosity Index Improvers
Thickeners and viscosity index improvers are polymeric, and are added to reduce lubricant viscosity changes at high and low temperatures. Afton’s thickeners and viscosity index improvers help lubricants maintain their viscosity and film-forming ability in changing temperatures.


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