Polartech® EA 700

Low Foam Emulsifier Additive
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Polartech® EA 700 is an unique, patent-pending emulsifier technology, developed specifically for metalworking applications. To meet the demanding requirements imposed by severe machining conditions, Polartech® EA 700 delivers best-in-class low foam performance when compared to commonly used metalworking emulsifiers. With exceptional emulsion stability even in extreme conditions and its ability to minimize separation, Polartech® EA700 helps to extend fluid life far beyond normal expectations, resulting in lower costs and higher productivity. Soap and scum formation is minimized ensuring clean machine performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Polartech® EA700 is compatible with multiple base stocks allowing for emulsifier rationalization. Having undergone extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field, Polartech® EA 700 comes with confidence in performance, along with Afton’s specialized expertise to enable success.

Typical applications include:
  • Watermix metalworking fluids
  • Other products where emulsion stability or low foam are critical

Key Performance Benefits

  • Low foam performance in hard and soft waters in severe machining applications
  • Exceptional emulsion stability extend fluid life beyond normal expectations
  • Extreme hard water tolerance achieves machine tool cleanliness (low soap formation) reducing maintenance costs
  • Wide base stock compatibility to simplify the formulation process
  • Low environmental impact (WGK Classification 1, Germany)
  • Maximum value delivered at low recommended treat-rate, 5%

Typical Characteristics


Store inside warehouse, ideally between 10°C and 30°C
Store out of direct sunlight
Avoid water collecting on barrel top