Quench Oil Additives
Afton’s quench oil additives can help achieve the right cooling requirements in quench oils, and can simplify formulation, blending and supply operations.

During the metal forming process, quench fluids cool the metal at a controlled rate to produce the required hardness and to minimize distortion.

As the hot metal is immersed in the quench-oil bath, cooling occurs in three phases:

  • The vapor barrier phase, where a vapor layer forms between the hot metal’s surface and the bulk of the quench fluid

  • The boiling phase, where rapid cooling occurs

  • The Diffusion Phase

When quench additives are added to quench oils, they fill the important function of collapsing the vapor barriers. This accelerates the process toward the boiling and diffusion phases. The additives also help create an oil formulation that is tailored to specific hardness requirements.

Why Afton?

  • Our additives help simplify your formulation, blending and supply operations.

  • You can count on our long record of field experience to impart the needed cooling performance to the fluids, meet your target operation requirements, and control oxidation and deposits.

  • Our tailored fluid-stability technology gives you enhanced deposit control and long fluid life.