Lubricity and Extreme Pressure Additives
Afton’s lubricity and extreme-pressure additives can help extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.

Afton Chemical's metalworking lubricity additives are extremely effective in reducing friction between a tool and a work piece. By enhancing the lubrication and extreme-pressure (EP) properties of both neat oil and water-based formulations, these additives extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs and improve the productivity of the machining process.

Our metalworking additives are built from esters, sulfur and phosphorous-based chemistries. This gives you more flexibility in your formulation process and provides suitable alternates that meet the requirements of chlorine-free applications.

Why Afton? 

  • The safety of your machine operators is the primary driver for our development efforts.

  • Afton is committed to renewable-source, high-performance esters designed for the metalworking fluids (MWF) market.

  • Our extensive, real-life machining trials ensures fluid performance and durability.

  • We focus our fluid technology on meeting regulatory requirements with an emphasis on health, safety and environmental security (HSES).