Demist Agents
Afton demist agents can reduce the airborne misting of metalworking fluids for various applications.

During machining, metalworking fluids can aerosolize (become suspended in the air) as fluid streams break up when they interact with spinning tools or parts. This can lead to health and safety concerns for your mechanical shop workers.

Adding a demist agent to metalworking fluids is an effective way to reduce airborne mist. These additives enlarge the mist droplets so they do not stay suspended in the air as long. They may also reduce fluid loss and vapor generation.

Why Afton?

  • Our unique collaboration process  combined with our state-of-the-art R&D facilities around the world enable us to design cutting edge solutions for your application needs.
  • You can count on our efficient global supply chain.
  • Our sourcing is more efficient because we offer a comprehensive range of metalworking fluid additives.