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Brochures & Fact Sheets


  • Think Fuels, Think Afton

    With nearly a century of experience in fuel and lubricant additives, Afton has developed a unique understanding of how fuels interact with engine oils.

  • Cold Flow Improver Brochure

    Cold Flow Improvers - Technology that keeps fuel moving™

Fact Sheets

  • Cetane

    Learn why the IQT test procedure delivers the timely and reliable results refineries need. (Eng)

  • Optimal Performance of Diesel Injectors

    Learn how injector deposits affect emissions reduction, fuel economy and power delivery. (Eng)

  • Direct Injection Gasoline

    Reduce emissions and improve fuel consumption with DIG technology. (Eng)

  • DW-10

    Driven by new emission standards, proper fuel formulation is required in finished diesel fuel. (Eng)