Before we set out to make technologically advanced heavy duty engine oil additives, Afton joined heavy duty vehicle owners and operators on some of their toughest journeys. By understanding their needs more closely, we gained valuable insights that have led us to develop the HiTEC® 12200 Series.

HiTEC® 12200’s core package has been specifically designed to deliver what truck owner drivers, fleet operators and workshop mechanics operating in emerging markets need from their heavy duty engine oil.

Advantages of HiTEC® 12200

For the first product in our HiTEC® 12200 Series, we have created a fully optimized additive package that addresses three things that your customers, on-road truck owner drivers and fleet operators, want most from their heavy duty engine lubricant:

  • Best-in-class wear protection: HiTEC® 12200 excels in keeping engines in good condition and minimizing the damaging effects of wear. That means lower cost of maintenance, and potentially greater income-per-journey.
  • Help to maintain engine power: HiTEC® 12200’s superior properties maintain engine conditions, ensuring power is always on tap to take on challenges when the going gets tough. Out in the elements where uncertainties lurk around every bend, consistent power is essential for the challenges of the road ahead.
  • Longer oil drains even in harsh conditions: With the ability to go farther and longer on each oil change, even in challenging terrains and weather conditions, and with heavy loads to endure, HiTEC® 12200 helps to save costs while offering drivers greater peace of mind.

Whether it’s on-road or off-road performance, Afton has been the partner whom oil companies have relied on for over 90 years.

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