NEW: Polartech® EA 700—A Unique Low Foam Emulsifier Additive for Metalworking


Today’s high-speed metalworking machines are more powerful than ever before, but high speeds, fluid delivery pressures and temperatures have resulted in increased foam and stress on emulsions. To address the challenges caused by increased use of high-pressure coolant delivery systems, Afton has developed Polartech EA 700, a unique, patent-pending polymer designed specifically for metalworking applications. Thoroughly researched and rigorously tested, Polartech EA 700 is a novel emulsifier technology that delivers best-in-class low foam performance in severe machining conditions.

Polartech EA 700 has the power to prevent foam and separation, ensuring more efficient cooling, consistent precision machining, extended tool life, increased productivity, reduced waste, and lower maintenance. It provides exceptional emulsion stability, even in extreme conditions.

To learn more about Afton’s industrial lubrication portfolio, explore the MICROBOTZ™ site, or contact us for more details about Polartech EA 700. 

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