The metalworking industry is changing. The use of high pressure fluid delivery systems is increasing, and today’s metalworking machines are more powerful than ever before. But innovations in machining have also lead to a greater propensity towards foaming. To address the changing needs of the industry, Afton Chemical has developed proprietary additive and package technologies designed to be inherently low foaming. 

Superior products come from superior testing. Although there is demand for low-foaming products, existing industry tests cannot not fully evaluate the true performance of low-foam emulsifiers under the high pressure conditions generated in modern machine tools. Afton identified this gap between product offerings and industry testing, and responded by developing our own advanced testing capabilities. To make sure that our products deliver best-in-class performance, Afton built a unique High Pressure Foam testing rig.  

All of Afton’s new low-foam metalworking products have been tested and benchmarked under high pressure conditions using our advanced testing facilities and unique High Pressure Foam rig. 

Figure 1: Afton’s High Pressure Foam Rig

Afton’s foam rig delivers accuracy and insights not available with other testing processes. Existing low pressure foam tests such as the ‘Cylinder shake’ or ‘CNOMO’ do not accurately reproduce the conditions encountered in a high pressure machine tool operating at typically 70 to greater than 100 bar (around 1015-1450 PSI). Afton’s foam rig was built to replicate conditions seen in modern CNC machine tools and can deliver fluids at pressures up to 140 bar (around 2000 psi).

Figure 2: These results are an example of the data Afton’s foam rig can provide. In this high pressure foam test measuring foam height and air entrainment, the Afton fluid was shown to deliver best-in-class low foam performance.  

Using the High Pressure foam rig we have demonstrated that fluids containing our proprietary additives and packages are low foaming and that the emulsions are stable. Our advanced testing gives our customers the confidence that our product offerings will deliver real-world benefits. By choosing Afton technologies, our customers will be able to deliver fluids that meet increasing end user needs for even lower foam performance. 

As part of our Passion for Solutions® approach, the foam rig can be made available to our customers to help them develop and evaluate fluids containing Afton proprietary metalworking technologies. 

To learn more about Afton’s proven low foaming additive technology, contact your Afton representative

Click here to read the full article on Afton's low foam metalworking emulsifier Polartech® EA 700, originally published in the November 2016 issue of TLT, the official magazine of STLE. 

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