The Application Solutions Center (ASC) is a team of Afton Chemical specialists focused on product differentiation, customized testing, and insightful marketing. The ASC harnesses the expertise of engineers, statisticians, fundamental research scientists, engine oil formulators, test engineers, and mechanical technicians to collaborate with customers and bring product marketing ideas to life. 

An unparalleled service unique to Afton, the ASC is a powerful resource for customers around the globe. The ASC will partner with customers through every step of the process—from determining product benefits and developing testing that will highlight key attributes, to executing customized product marketing campaigns. The ASC will also work with customer marketing teams to help strengthen their messaging by providing detailed data and technical consultations.

A notable example of the ASC’s capabilities is the ‘Tough Enough’ campaign. The ASC worked with the customer to conceptualize a strategy, produce a dramatization of testing results, and produce the engaging, results-driven video seen here. 

To learn more about how the ASC helps customers achieve their product marketing goals, contact an Afton representative.

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